The Documentation Services Direction (DSD), working depending on Reitor, has the responsability of coordenating, organizing and manage the UAb documentation systems, with the objective of existing an eficient articulation and integration of them with the organic unities and organizational and the services.

DSD integrates two services: the Serviço de Arquivo e Preservação Digital (SAPD) and the Serviço de Recursos e Base de Dados Bibliográficos (SRBDB).

The Services Direction

Training Plan

To foster the information literacy competences within the academic community, the Documentation Services offer a Training Program (consisting of pre-selected actions) and Tutorials on the use of the Services and information resources.

The Documentation Services are available to implement other training actions or develop further contents to support the teaching and research activities on demand by the students, teachers or researchers at of Universidade Aberta (UAb).

All information on the Recommendations of Universidade Aberta regarding graphic standards for the presentation of academic evidence is kept updated.

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